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Saturday, July 19, 2008


A show of all victory ceremony costumes
(BEIJING, July 17) -- With the Beijing Olympic Games 22 days away, BOCOG unveiled the components of the victory ceremony for the Games, including the victory podium and certificates as well as the hostess dresses and flowers for winners on Thursday night.
BOCOG Executive Vice-President Jiang Xiaoyu takes the floor.
Designers made efforts to combine traditional Chinese elements with the modern Olympic spirit.
Five series of costumes, featuring white, blue, green and pink, all widely used colors in China, have been designed for 302 Olympic victory ceremonies and 472 Paralympic victory ceremonies.
The victory podium is dominated by yellow, a color symbolizing honor and respect, and elements of "lucky clouds" that characterize a number of Beijing Olympic symbols.
Organizers have chosen brocade, silk and Chinese art paper produced in Xuancheng, Anhui Province, as materials for victory certificates, in view of their nobility and durability. Unearthed relics show that these materials can last as long as over a thousand years.

A group photo of guests and volunteers at the unveiling ceremony
The rose will be the main flower for the victory ceremony. The red flower is among the top ten flowers in China and the city flower of more than 50 cities in the country.