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Fitness Tip of the Day

Monday, July 21, 2008


"Don't say "CANNOT" before u try".
A clockmaker talk to a Watch which the being done.

'Hi clock, can u ticking at the least 31,104,000 times in 1 year?'
Hah? say the clock surprised, how can i do?
so how if 86,400 times in 1 day? 'Eighty six thousand four hundred? with a slim pointer like THIS? the clock answer distrustfully.
OK than how if 3,600 times in 1 hour? that still so much times, the clock still distrustfully with him self
After that, with patience the clockmaker say to the Watch if like that 'Will u ticking 1 time every second?'
Naaa, if like that, i will!, the watch answer enthusiastically
Then after done make the Watch, that watch ticking 1 time every second.
without feeling second by second always past n that Watch is really GREAT because during 1 year full the watch always ticking without stop it. N that mean Watch have ticking 31,104,000 times.
Sometimes we always feel distrustfully with our job that we think is so difficult, but acctually if we have do something, we obvious can. In fact since we have think that is impossible to do,

DON'T say CANNOT before TRY it


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