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Monday, July 28, 2008

after finish read this please give the comment

This STORY was write by My little sister AE and this happend at SATURDAY NIGHT 7200826

Today, Dave have learned something that Dave will never forget. Dave have some friends to introduce to in Dave story. First, Dave best friend, he’s been Dave friend since they are still in the primary school. His name is Ricky. There’s no secret between Dave and him. He is a very good friend actually, and Dave trusted him very much. Dave also have a few friends from other place Andrew and Albert and also have a friend from my work place Debora.

Once, Dave went to work as usual and just as an accessory matter with Debora, Dave asked Debora to introduce Dave a girl. Debora did introduce me to one of their friend called Dian Chen. From Debora they have set a deal and Dave met Dian Chen with their help. Dian Chen is a good girl indeed. They started to chit chat and sharing things together. To say the truth, Dave was a bit attracted to her and Dave started to give her more attention, and Dave cared a lot about her, and of course vice versa. Dave began to feel comfortable with Dave relation with her. All of Dave friends were supported me to get on Dave aim. Than, Dave asked her out several times and Dave really enjoyed those days.

But lately, Dave realized something had happened. When Dave chat with her as usual, Dave felt there’s something different she was as cold as ice. She was no longer Dian Chen just like Dave knew her before. Dave have asked Ricky for several times was she contact him or not because we’re out too much together so that they’ve known each other very well. Dave just wanted to check if she ignored us because she was busy enough or it was just to Dave. And Ricky said that she didn’t contact him at all. Than, Dave started to hanging around her house and Dave did it on purpose of course. Dave just wanted to see her if Dave may in any coincidence, but what Dave found is that Ricky was there. When Dave asked him from e-message what he was doing there he answered me that his mom asked him to shop. As a matter of fact, Dave was a bit suspicious with him. But Dave kept on mind to think positively and trust him. Because Dave believe he is my friend, Dave have known him very well and we’re both grown up, Dave think we’re both realized that. Dave tried so hard to figure out what has happened and why did she change in a very short time.

As hard as Dave can, days and nights Dave was searching to find out the answer, and finally, two days ago, when Dave went out with them, both of them, Dave best friend and the woman Dave loved, gave me a shock. And Dave was really shock; Dave am half to death actually. They’re now in a relationship as a couple. Dave hardly can recognize which are my friends or my enemy. That night Dave can’t think clearly, Dave really disappointed to what they did, mostly Dave best friend, and a very best friend of mine. Why can’t he just honest to me? He betrayed Dave, betrayed all of my confidence in him and also he lied to me. When Dave asked them for an explanation, they said it was just happened so, they didn’t do it on purpose. They said it was all began when Dian Chen asked Ricky to company her to her friend’s wedding party, just both of them. From thence they started to contact each other behind me, and it’s just happened. And my other friends tried to keep it away from me until Ricky decided to tell me the truth, because it’s just a matter of time until Dave will find it out by himself. Dave was really frustrated; know they just tried to find a reason. What Dave know is that Dave don’t have anybody to rely to anymore. Everybody seems to e hypocrite to me. Dave don’t understand why did they do such a thing to him? Dian Chen acted like she didn't care of him, when Dave know the problem. But it’s all flew with the time. And Ricky, why can’t he just tell me everything about his feeling, the truth, and why did he lie to Dave. Dave always give my best to my friendship. Dave do really appreciate my friends that respect to our relation as Dave always did. Dave don’t have a grudge against them; know they’re all sorry, Dave hope that both of them will be happy together. Well, maybe she wasn’t for Dave and Dave have a bad luck in this game of love. Nevertheless, Dave really disappointed with what they had done to me, Dave was fooled by them. Sometimes Dave feel regret that Dave have introduced them to one another. But this is what Dave said as a lesson that Dave will never forget for he whole life. That’s life, whatever that is happen, life must go on, Dave believe that everything will e much better next time.




danela said...

sometimes u didn't know wat's call BEST FREN / TRUE FREN, coz BEST FREN can STAB behind u anytime and u never know when... just take a lesson to knowing wat's called "TRUE FREN" from this experience...

valewish said...

koko, don't worry..
there's always a good deed ehind your problems hehe
take the positive side and u'll feel much better hehe

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hello dave! i meant hello vidst!

There is no right or wrong in love. Especially in yr case, when you have just started wt Dian. What i dont understand is that if Dian likes you, why has she called Ricky to accompany her to the wedding party instead of u? Love may just comes like that.

When you posted the question to ricky, i think you have caught him unprepared. That's why he lied to you, fearing that if he tells you the truth, he will hurt you. Of coz he knew that sooner or later you will know about this, but there's so many reason to keep it a secret first.

Definitely your relationship wt Ricky is ruined. There's no way you can be as close as before with him. Doubts will always be in between both of you.

I know you are deeply hurt by what they hv done to you. It's the trust that they hv snatched frm u. I'm sry that this happened to you , look on the bright side, you're a wiser man now! :)

Jean Chia

reanaclaire said...

life is full of challenges.. take this as as a challenge and move on with life.. when we hv face these, we become stronger and wiser..all the best to u..

nigdekryn said...

from the blog that you wrote
i can see that ricky made the mistake.but was your sister really there when the accident happen??
from the blog, i know u put all the blame on ricky.can u ask ricky to join us in freedom?? then we will know all the true story.and also i cant said that u was right since i only hear from 1 side. all the people read your blog need hear from 2 side story.then we will know what truly happened.
and how you know if she really care about you??if possible ask dian chen to join agree with jean and is a journey. now how our relationship with andrew and albert??
was the story written by you or your sister??

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

morning, vidst! Happy Saturday!! :)

AE said...

first of all i wan to say thanks for all comment.... this is just my story ( me is call AE ) i just ask V!dst to post it n the story i have change all the situation n characteristic....
NIGDEKRYN,,,,THANKS 4 ur comment,,,
but all this strory was happend by me lo AE, i just use my brother nick V!dst lo. Coz i just wan to change my mind from negative to positive so i just wan to see all comment given, that all,,,
now i have understand about jean n reanaclaire say, now i have introspection of myself,,,
So now i have noe liau lo, i have look on the bright side n take this as a challenge and move on with life.. when we hv face these, we become stronger and wiser.
that's rite?

nigdekryn said...

at the blog u said this story really happen to v!dst.
now u said happen to AE
which one is true??
that means AE = V!dst????
i think if you want change your mind, no need blog this problem. from this blog you will reveal people attitude and also that tease the bad people. problem like this better you keep for yourself or share with your friend not to the world. u post it means u want the bad people know his attitude and make him feel sorry.
if you receive all the comment can make u wiser and stronger but do u ever think about the bad people like ricky if he read this??

AE said...

i don't noe who r u? have i noe u before???? then r u really noe my problem???? confused????
but i think u really didn't like me? is that true????
let me introduce myself to u NIGDEKRYN....
MY initial is AE with name is ANGEL, i'm from spore, n now my problem have solve it, now ricky is my boyfriend now....
if u still didn't like me or wan to noe my story... u can mail me here
wait u there.....

apple_t said...

Be strong my friend...

Everybody will get what their give...


Be nice to me especially...

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